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Sigue Celebrates National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day

Wednesday, October 6 2021 is National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day – a national holiday we’re thrilled to celebrate at Sigue! On this day, parents and guardians can transfer money into their daughters’ bank accounts to help brighten their day, get bills paid, and make the world a better place. Here’s a little history of this holiday, as well as some ways you can participate with Sigue.

The History of National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day

While the earliest record of this national holiday is just three years ago, the origins of this important day go back to when the first wire transfer originated. The first wire transfer on record was completed in 1872 by Western Union. The first ATM was installed by Chemical Bank in 1969. Since then, ways to transfer money have expanded to include mobile money transfers, like the Sigue Pay app, and other peer-to-peer transfer methods.


Why do we celebrate transferring money to daughters? Each family has their own reasons for recognizing this holiday, but here are a few facts to inspire your transfer this year. The United Nations reports that globally, women are paid less than men by 23%. That means that women earn roughly 77 cents on the dollar to what men earn. Yet, women’s economic empowerment is shown to boost productivity, increase economic diversification, and benefit businesses.


Studies also show that women tend to invest their money back into the family: “Study after study, from Bangladesh to Haiti, from South Africa to the United States, shows that when women have controlled household spending, the money goes toward more family-targeted goods. Women pay back loans faster, and they share money within the family more fairly,” reports The Atlantic. Transferring money to your daughter is not only generous, it’s a great way to invest in your family’s financial health.


National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day is a fun day when you can give your daughter a little extra spending money, help pay her bills, or celebrate in-person – official celebrations include taking your daughter shopping or giving her a gift card. And for sons: their National Transfer Money day is on October 13.


How to Celebrate with Sigue

There are a few ways to participate in National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day with Sigue:


Use the Sigue Money Transfer App

The Sigue Money Transfer App allows you to send money to your daughter in all 50 states, as well as to more than 50 countries. Your transfer will be made available as either deposit to your recipient’s bank account or for a cash pick up. The app is FREE to download on iOS or Android.


Sigue charges a flat transfer fee for each transaction; you see the fee and the applicable exchange rate before you hit send. Sigue App shows you exactly how much you will pay and how much your recipient is getting – no hidden fees, no surprises. For daughters living overseas, Sigue has you covered: there are special Foreign Exchange rates available for first-time customers to Mexico, Guatemala, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Togo.


Sigue App only accepts US-issued Visa or MasterCard debit cards linked to your personal bank account. Pre-paid cards or Corporate Accounts are NOT accepted. Your security is a priority: Sigue App is PCI Certified and uses industry-standard security technology, such as encryption, to protect your personal and financial information.


Visit a Sigue Location

You can also transfer money to your daughter by visiting one of our Sigue locations. Sigue Money Transfer is offered through thousands of retail locations throughout the United States. Visit our Locations page to find a location nearest you. We also offer domestic bill pay, check cashing and money orders at many of our locations.


When you transfer money to your daughter using Sigue, you can check the status of your transfer online by visiting this page: Enter the Transaction Order Number from your receipt to make sure the transaction went through. This is a great option if you’re hoping to surprise your daughter with a little extra spending money!


We hope you enjoy National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day! For more information about Sigue and for the latest international exchange rates, visit our website.

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