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From its inception in 1996, Sigue® Corporation has provided excellence in money transfer and payment services. Led by its Founder and CEO, Guillermo (Bill) de la Viña, Sigue® has expanded from a simple U.S. to Mexico money transfer service to a global provider of payment solutions. Today, Sigue® offers an array of products and services including personal money transfer, mobile money transfer, small and medium enterprise foreign exchange services, and business to business payments and settlement.


In 2011, Sigue® went global, acquiring extensive international operations. Overnight, Sigue® became the top privately held global provider of remittance services. Today the Sigue® family serves millions of customers in over 170 countries on 6 continents, with a network of hundreds of thousands of pay locations and offices strategically located around the world.


Sigue® offers its money transfer service through the Sigue®, Reyme$a, and Sigue® Money Transfer brands. In the United States, it is licensed in all 50 states and offers payment services to Mexico, Central America, South America, and select areas of Europe, Africa and Asia. The company continues to identify and leverage strategic business opportunities, working closely with regulators, financial institutions, legal authorities and policy makers, earning international recognition for having world class banking connectivity, compliance functionality and brand recognition. The company has primary operational centers in the United States, India and Mexico.


Financial technology is a high priority. In December of 2018, Sigue® launched the native version of its Sigue mobile app, that allows consumers to send money through their mobile phones. Sigue® continually modernizes its point of sale and other technologies to make serving its customers easier and more convenient.


Sigue® offers small and medium sized businesses a comprehensive full range of foreign exchange and international payment services through its GroupEx Financial Corporation FIX dba FIX Foreign Exchange (FIX) subsidiary. FIX utilizes Sigue®’s global network, banking connectivity and cross-border experience to assist growing companies with their financial needs. Click here to visit the FIX website for more information.


Sigue® also offers partners the opportunity to utilize its system infrastructure to extend their reach to their customers globally. Whether its staying connected to these customers while they are traveling abroad or funding payments through home country banking systems, Sigue® can facilitate financial connectivity around the world.

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