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Currently, you can send money from all fifty states.

“The limits on the amount of money you can send depend on several different requirements, including:

  1. Sigue App limits for the sender
  2. Sigue App limits for the recipient
  3. Pay partner limits
    Country limits”
Sending limits are calculated based on several factors such as your transaction history, how the money will be received (cash pickup, deposit or delivery), partner and country restrictions. You can send up to*:

2,999.00 USD in as single transaction, including fees*.
24-hour limit: 2,999.00 USD, including fees*.
30-day limit: 6,000 USD, including fees*.
90-day limit: 25,000 USD, including fees* when/if we increase limits and if applicable
180-day limit: 50,000 USD, including fees* when/if we increase limits and if applicable
365-day limit: 75,000 USD, including fees* when/if we increase limits and if applicable

*You may be required to provide additional information to complete your transaction and help ensure a secure money transfer experience while meeting Federal and State regulatory requirements.

**AZ and New Mexico have a single transaction and 24-hour limit of 500.00 USD

Depending on the amount you want to send, you will be prompted to provide more information about yourself, your recipient, or the current transaction. All information collected will be secured, kept confidential and is only used for verification and compliance purposes. Sigue App reserves the right to decline requests for increased send limits.
In certain cases, there are also limits defined by the country where you are sending money. In some countries, different partners have different limits.
No. Sigue App only allows transfers between individuals.
No. Both you and the recipient must be over the age of 18 in order to complete a transaction.
Yes! It is free to download from either Google Play Store or App Store

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