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Sigue Aplicación Móvil

Currently, you can send money from all fifty states.

“The limits on the amount of money you can send depend on several different requirements, including:

  1. Sigue App limits for the sender
  2. Sigue App limits for the recipient
  3. Pay partner limits
    Country limits”
Sending limits are calculated based on several factors such as your transaction history, how the money will be received (cash pickup, deposit or delivery), partner and country restrictions. You can send up to*:

2,999.00 USD in as single transaction, including fees*.
24-hour limit: 2,999.00 USD, including fees*.
30-day limit: 6,000 USD, including fees*.
90-day limit: 25,000 USD, including fees* when/if we increase limits and if applicable
180-day limit: 50,000 USD, including fees* when/if we increase limits and if applicable
365-day limit: 75,000 USD, including fees* when/if we increase limits and if applicable

*You may be required to provide additional information to complete your transaction and help ensure a secure money transfer experience while meeting Federal and State regulatory requirements.

**AZ and New Mexico have a single transaction and 24-hour limit of 500.00 USD

Depending on the amount you want to send, you will be prompted to provide more information about yourself, your recipient, or the current transaction. All information collected will be secured, kept confidential and is only used for verification and compliance purposes. Sigue App reserves the right to decline requests for increased send limits.
In certain cases, there are also limits defined by the country where you are sending money. In some countries, different partners have different limits.
No. Sigue App only allows transfers between individuals.
No. Both you and the recipient must be over the age of 18 in order to complete a transaction.
Yes! It is free to download from either Google Play Store or App Store

Sigue App | Cuenta

Yes. You will have to create a secure Sigue App account to send money using the app.
No. Creating an account is free, fast, secure and easy.

Download the app through the Google Play Store or App Store and then register in our Sigue App by providing the following information: full name, street address and zip code, text-enabled mobile telephone number, and email address.

After creating a Sigue App account, you won’t have to re-enter your information. To access your account from the Sigue App, just login with your email address and the password that you selected.

Not a problem! Find the “forgot password” option in the login screen. You will receive a text message with a 4-digit code to reset your password.

Yes. You will also need to provide a valid US mobile phone number.
No, sorry. We only allow one Sigue App account per consumer. If you have a problem with your existing account and need help, please contact us at 1-877-754-9777.

No, but you will need to provide recipient’s full name and city when you initiate the transfer. To collect the money, the recipient will need to show Government-issued valid photo ID & transaction confirmation number.

Not a problem! To change user information of the Recipient, Click on Settings > Account > About You, find the (i) button to the top right of the “History For -” screen to access the ‘Recipient Details’ screen to edit.


To update your account information, in the footer menu click on Profile, and you will now be in the ‘Edit Profile’ screen.

To edit your Profile (name, mobile phone number, email, address, password or language):

  • Click on the Profile Icon on the bottom right of the app,
  • Click on Edit Profile below your name, or Click on Settings > Account
  • Select the option you want to edit whether it is you name, phone number, email, address, change your password or language and fill out the form.


To change your Debit Card information:

  • Click on the Profile icon on the bottom right of the app,
  • Select Settings > Payment Methods,
  • If you already have a debit card on file, click on it to edit, or
  • Select +Add New Debit Card and fill out the form


To edit your Login/Security options:

  • Click on the Profile icon on the bottom right of the app,
  • Select Settings > Login and Security,
    Select the option if you want to change your passcode or activate the Face ID/ Touch


To change your Password:

  • Click on the Profile icon on the bottom right of the app,
  • Select Settings > Account > Change Password


To change your Language:

  • Click on the Profile icon on the bottom right of the app,
  • Select Settings > Account > Language
    Select the language that you prefer”

Sigue App | Cargos y Tipo de Cambio

Sigue App charges a flat transfer fee. The fee may change from time to time. You can always find the current transfer fee before you start a Transaction on the “Send Money” screen.
For some transactions, the recipient may receive less due to taxes and/ or additional non-covered third-party fees charged within destination country, which would be noted on the receipt.

Exchange rates will always be displayed to verify amount in local currency and before completing a transaction.
As soon as you open the app, you can calculate exactly how much money your recipient will receive, based on the daily exchange rate. Simply select your country from the dropdown menu and then enter the desired sending amount to see instantly how your dollar will be converted. You will have a chance to review the exchange rate again before confirming your transfer.

There are no hidden fees! You will only pay a single flat transfer fee for each transaction. Before you pay for your Transaction, we will always ask you to confirm the transfer fee and the applicable exchange rate. You will always know how much you are paying and how much your recipient will be getting.

Sigue App | Para enviar dinero

Login to your Sigue App account using your email address and password, and create a transfer in three easy steps:


  1. Enter a sending amount between $20 and $2,999. Then confirm the transaction details.
    Select an existing recipient from your list or add a new recipient and select a receiving method (for example, cash pick up or bank deposit).
    Pay for the transfer with any Visa/MasterCard debit card.
We only accept US-issued Visa or MasterCard debit cards linked to your personal bank account. Pre-paid cards or Corporate Accounts will NOT be accepted. You will need to provide the 16- digit number on your debit card, CVV and expiration date.
As soon as the transfer is sent, a summary of your transaction will be displayed, and the receipt will be sent to your email address that has been used during registration.

Sigue App | Para encontrar su recibo en la aplicación

After you login to the app, go to the footer menu and click “History.”


You’ll see a list of recent recipients. Click on the desired transaction, and your receipt will be displayed on the screen.


Sigue App | Límites de transferencia

You can send up to 2,999 USD per day (sending amount with the fee).
For the safety and security of your transaction, we may require that you provide your recipient’s country of birth, city of birth, date of birth, and nationality for some transactions. If you fail to provide this information when requested, your transaction may be rejected.

For some transactions, you will need to upload a valid picture ID** and provide your date of birth, occupation, source of funds, and relationship to recipient, identification type, legal identification number and country issuer. If you fail to provide this information when requested, we may reject your transaction.


** Guidelines for Capturing the Perfect Photo for ID Validation Purposes


  1. Only provide a valid, unexpired, government issued Identification card.
  2. Do NOT have anything other than the ID in the perimeter of the image captured.
  3. When there are things like a computer screen, keyboard, and other pieces of paper in the image, it makes it much more difficult for the system to scan the identification card image.
  4. Make sure that ONLY the ID image itself is in the photo captured and get as close to it as possible to the image.
  5. Ensure the entire ID is captured in the photo. An image that is cut off or blurry may require us to contact you.
  6. Look at the photo before submitting by ensuring glares from holograms are not impacting the view of key data on the ID such as the ID Number and Expiration dates.
    The easiest way to prevent these is to take the photo with the device exactly above the ID.
    Tilting the phone back and forth to see how the glare impacts the image will help.
    Take a look at the image after it is captured to make sure all key data is clearly readable.

We accept the following US Government IDs for Senders: Border Crossing Card, State ID, Country Specific, Unique ID Document, Driver License, Foreign Passport, Work Permit, Resident Alien Card, US Military ID, and US Passport.

No. You will only be asked once for additional information.


Sigue App | Recibir dinero

The confirmation number will always be displayed in your receipt.
We process bank deposits immediately but the time it takes for the money to arrive can vary. Much of this may depend on the bank or if additional information is needed. Information is provided on the receipt.

We offer the following two receiving options:


Bank deposit: You’ll need to enter the recipient’s bank account information and we deposit the funds directly into his or her account.


Cash pick up: The recipient will need to show the confirmation number and an official ID at the pick-up location. The confirmation number will be displayed on your transaction receipt.

Recipient will collect their transfer in the local currency. There are countries where recipient can collect transfer in both local currency and USD (Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Romania, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan). *


* Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, Moldova, Nicaragua, Panama, Russia uses USD as their currency.

No. The recipient must be the person picking up the cash and they must present their identification card.

The recipient will be able to pick up the transfer at any payer branch that is selected in the state where the recipient lives.*


*restrictions apply in some cases statewide, other cases nationwide.


Sigue App | Problemas y quejas

Normally an error message will come with text on how to fix the error, however if it is not clear or don’t understand then contact Customer Service at 1-877-754-9777.

If you have a complaint about this service, please contact Sigue®’s Customer Service at 1-877-754-9777. You may also contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or the appropriate governmental agency for your state. All contact information appears on your receipt.


Sigue App | Cancelación de una transacción

Please call us at 1-877-754-9777 to cancel a transaction. A transaction can be cancelled only if it has not yet been paid.

No, you cannot cancel the transfer if it has already been paid to the recipient by cash or deposited to their bank account.


If you think there was an error or you want to report a problem, please call us at 1-877-754-9777.

When you cancel a transfer, a member of our team will review your request. If the cancellation is applied, we will notify you. Refunds for transfers paid by debit card will be credited back to the debit card used to fund the transfer within 3 business days. If you experience any issues with your refund, please contact us at 1-877-754-9777.

Yes! The Transfer Amount + Transfer Fee will be refunded.
Refunds to debit cards may take up to 3 business days.

Sigue App | Seguridad

Your security is a priority for us. Sigue App is PCI certified, and uses industry standard security technology such as encryption to protect your personal & financial information. You can learn more about it in the Sigue App Privacy Policy!
allowing for even more ease of use, your mobile device gives you to access Sigue App with a touch of the thumb (or finger) Click in Profile > Settings > Login and Security > Touch ID / Passcode
Don’t worry. You will always be prompted to enter your email address and password to login. However, if you think your information has been compromised, contact us immediately call us at 1-877-754-9777 or email contact@sigue.com
You might be a victim of identity theft. Please, call us immediately call us at 1-877-754-9777 or email contact@sigue.com if you suspect that your account has been compromised.
  1. Never share your login credentials with anyone.
  2. Never send money to someone you do not personally know.
  3. Never send money first in order to get something in return later, such as a lottery, a job, or a loan.
  4. Never send money in response to an unsolicited email or letter without thoroughly verifying that the sender is not a scammer.

    Scammers may pretend to be a friend, grandparent, child, or other family member in need of emergency cash for food, travel, medical care, or legal help. Always verify before sending emergency money.

    If an offer for goods or services claims that a money transfer is the only way to pay, be cautious — it may be a scam.


For more, visit Sigue®’s Fraud Awareness guidelines at: Consumer Fraud Awareness https://scamprevention.info/

Sigue App does not sell any consumer information. The only time we share your information with third parties is when necessary to effect, administer, or enforce a transaction that you authorized or as otherwise authorized or required by law.


If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for, remember you can call us at any time at + 1-877-754-9777.

Para obtener más información, llame al


Los cargos por transferencias y las tipos de cambio en las transacciones pueden variar según el monto de la transacción, el destino, la hora y la fecha en que se envía. Pueden aplicarse otras restricciones. Sigue® no cobra ningún costo por descargar la aplicación Sigue App, pero pueden aplicarse cargos por mensajes y datos. Sigue App es un servicio de Sigue Corporation, un transmisor de dinero autorizado.

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* Exchange Rate shown on image is from January 1, 2023. Check the daily exchange rate before making a transaction.

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