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    Increase Your Business Revenue

    The biggest field and in-site Sales Force in the industry will work closely with you to increase your cash register sales.

    More foot traffic results in more revenue.

    Adding financial services to your store increases impulse sales.

    Loyalty to Sigue keeps your customers coming back on a regular basis.

    Competitive commissions is money in your bank account.

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    Large Pay Network

    A unique and exclusive Agent Network in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

    16,000 Pay Points in Mexico that is both convenient and safer for recipients to pick up money.

    1,500 + Sigue Express Pay network of Agents in Mexico with quick pay option.

    In addition, thousands of locations in 130+ countries & territories all over the world.

    Created to address your customers specific needs --Reliable, Fast and Secure service.

    Unlike our competition, we pride ourselves with service in remote locations.

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    Service and Solution

    The entire company is committed to providing a high quality service.

    Sigue connects families worldwide and grows communities.

    We’re a trusted brand serving both families and business for 20 years.

    We have an Agent Solution Center dedicated to help guide you and grow your money transfer business and to provide solutions for you and your customers.


Become a sigue agent today!

  • Excellent revenue earning opportunity with Sigue Money Transfer Services.
  • Increased traffic to in your business and to generate additional revenue for your business.
  • Low set-up costs.
  • Ample variety of products to offer more options for your customers.
  • Attractive commissions on each product.
  • Competitive fees.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • And many other benefits.

FAQ - Agents

How can I become a Sigue Agent?

Becoming a Sigue Agent is easy. If you have an established business location in the United States and a valid business license, we will send you a simple pre application form to complete. There is no risk to applying since Sigue doesn’t require an upfront financial investment and there are no hidden fees.

Where can I send my information?

To join the Sigue Corporation Team and become an agent, please fill out our agent inquiry form on this page.

What are the benefits of becoming an agent for Sigue Corporation?

We offer generous commissions to our Agents on every money transfer and competitive prices and excellent exchange rates to our customers. With a trusted brand name, an excellent revenue earning opportunity, and numerous customer and agent incentive programs available throughout the year, our Agents can quickly grow their businesses and maximize their earning potential. We provide extensive advertising and promotional support to attract customers and grow your money transfer business.

What are the requirements to become an Agent?

To become a Sigue Agent, you must have valid business license, a picture ID, and be over 21 years old. We may require additional information to verify your identity; to obtain proper authorization, evaluate your earning potential, and to comply with US federal and state laws and regulations.

To which countries can you send money with Sigue Corporation?

With our worldwide network, your customers can send money to beneficiaries in more than 145 countries. Our extensive network of correspondents in those countries, easy processing, and competitive rates makes sending money anywhere fast, easy, and secure.

What can I do if I have been the victim of fraud?

Immediately contact us, visit our web page at to issue a report, you can also check our External Resources section at to obtain information and support from external resources.